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Papers for capacitors

As a base paper we use a special grade of paper in thicknesses from 8 bis 12 µm with specific gravities of 1,17 bis 1,3 g / cm³.

This film can be metallized either with pure aluminum (99.98 %), zinc or zinc-aluminum alloy.

The electric resistance (metallization strength) and the kind of metallization will be according to the customer's requirements.

Here are our standard kinds of metallization available:

One side metallization with single side margin right / left

One side metallization with heavy edge type BLEND and single side margin right / left

Double side metallization with coincidental margin

Double side metallization with heavy edge type BLEND and coincidental margin

Double side metallization with diagonal margin

Other designs like double or multiple internal series, step and tapered metallizations and many others on request.

Type designations



Plain-Paper (non Metallized)
Aluminum Metallized
Aluminum Metallized double side
Aluminum Metallized with Heavy Edge
Aluminum Metallized double side with Heavy Edge
Zinc Metallized
Zinc Metallized with Zinc Heavy Edge

Nominal thickness (µm)

8,0 / 9,0 / 10,0 / 12,0

Slitting width

> = 8,0 mm

Free margin

> = 1,5 mm

Inside core diameter

75 mm

Roll outside diameter

155 mm / 165 mm / 180 mm / 200 mm / 240 mm / 300 mm

Typical properties

high temperature resistance, low dissipation factor at high temperatures, high dielectric constant – and with that high capacity with small capacitor volume

Usual applications

  • power factor correction
  • capacitors for inductive heating
  • capacitors for household appliances
  • lighting, motor run and others

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