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PEN FILM (polyethylene naphtalate)

As base film we use a biaxially oriented, temperature resistant polyethylene naphtalate film.

Due to its good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, this film - which is similar to polyester - is especially suitable for applications in extreme environments. The main properties of polyester film are surpassed by PEN.

This film is metallized with pure aluminum (99.98 %).

The electric resistance (metallization strength) and the kind of metallization will be according to the customer's requirements.

Here are our standard kinds of metallization available:

One side metallization with single side margin right / left

One side metallization with heavy edge type BLEND and single side margin right / left

Other designs like internal series, double side metallization, tapered and segment metallization and many others on request.

Type designations PEN PN …


Plain-Film (non-Metallized)
Aluminum Metallized
Aluminum Metallized with Heavy Edge

Nominal thickness (µm)

Type Q72: 1,4 / 2,0 / 3,0 / 4,0 / 6,0
Type Q71: 6,0

Slitting width

> = 2,25 mm

Free margin

> = 0,25 mm

Inside core diameter

75 mm

Roll outside diameter

155 mm / 165 mm / 180 mm / 200 mm

Typical properties

high thermal stability and moisture resistance, low shrinkage under thermal stress, highest mechanical strength

Usual applications

  • Wound and stacked capacitors used at high ambient temperature and high humidity.

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